O rollover precisa ser cumprido para liberar todo o bônus

Betting Sites Bonuses: How They Work and What Rollover Is

The growth of the sports betting market in Brazil and around the world has been accompanied by an increase in the number of betting sites, offering more options to users. The greater competition for new users has led operators to offer more and more bonuses, which are one of the main ways used to attract bettors. Learn more about the practice in this article.

What are Betting Sites Bonuses?

Bonuses are nothing more than promotions from betting sites that offer incentives to attract new users. Bonuses can typically be found at various times, whether it’s upon creating an account, on the first deposit or subsequent deposits, through referring other users, on bets placed on specific markets, among others.

They can be offered either as an added value to the user’s cashier or as “free bets.” In this second model, the amount doesn’t appear in the cashier, but can be used by the user to place a bet. In case of success in the bet, the received amount becomes part of the cashier.

Deposit Bonuses

Typically, bonuses of this format are more generous on the first deposit, but sites may also offer advantages on subsequent deposits. A common format is the “X% Bonus up to Value Y,” where the value of the reward received corresponds to a % of the deposited amount (usually 100%, doubling the amount) up to a predefined limit. When the advantage extends to subsequent deposits, usually a lower % and/or limit is offered.

Welcome Bonuses

On some betting sites, players can receive a certain amount in their cashier just for creating their account. The amounts are usually smaller than those of deposit bonuses, as the required action from the bettor is also simpler and free. Typically, it is also necessary to verify documents and identity to obtain the bonus, as a way to prevent abuses of this type of promotion.

Referral Bonuses and Promotions

The referral bonus is less common than those mentioned earlier but involves receiving some reward when inviting someone to register on the site, using a registration code or tracked link, for example. There are also promotions carried out by sites, in which betting on a specific game or market can mean winning a free bet or getting the amount back in case of loss, for example.

What is Rollover?

Knowing that there are many betting sites and the vast majority of them offer bonuses, it may seem like all you have to do is create accounts on all of them and collect the money. However, this would go against the spirit of the bonus, which is to make the user test the site, actually using the services offered. That’s why this type of promotion relies on “rollover.”

The term is used to describe the requirement that bettors need to fulfill before being able to withdraw the bonus amount. Typically, they are expressed in multipliers, relating to the bonus amount. For example, in a R$100 bonus with a 10x rollover, the player would have to make R$1,000 in bets (10 times the amount) to be able to withdraw the sum. This way, sites prevent the abuse of promotions and reward those who actually made use of their features.

Keep an Eye on the Law and Terms and Conditions

Here are described the most common types of bonuses found in the global betting market, but not all of them are allowed by the laws and regulations of all countries. While operators need to be aware of the prohibitions in each jurisdiction, it is also up to users to carefully read the terms and conditions of each site and offer.

It is essential to have a clear understanding of what rollover is, which types of bets and odds count towards its fulfillment, and any other conditions defined by the site to avoid surprises later on. And, of course, always follow responsible gaming practices. Thus, bettors can research and take advantage of the best reward offers, while operators have the opportunity to showcase their product to new users.