Acertar o placar correto é uma missão complicada

Correct Score: Learn More About This Type of Sports Betting

Among the millions of people who enjoy venturing into sports betting, there are those who seek tips with a higher probability of success and those who prefer bets with higher odds. Among soccer fans in the latter group, a popular type of bet is the correct score.

How Does It Work?

This type of bet can also be found under other names, such as “Exact Score,” for example. The wager involves predicting what the final score of the game will be, meaning which team will win and how many goals each team will score. Thus, the level of difficulty is high, which also translates into higher odds.

In this market, the scores with the lowest odds vary greatly, based on the level of the teams and the expected number of goals. To illustrate the range of differences found in this type of bet, consider a comparison between the two semifinal matches of the Copa América: Argentina vs. Canada and Uruguay vs. Colombia.

Argentina is favored to win, with odds of 1.36 for a simple victory on a consulted site. Thus, on the same site, the most likely scores are 1-0 or 2-0 for Argentina, paying 6 to 1. A 0-0 draw pays 9, while 1-1 pays 9.50, and a 2-2 draw, less likely, returns 29 to 1. Since Canada is the underdog, a 1-0 victory for the North American team has odds of 19, while a 2-0 victory pays 41 to 1.

On the other hand, the match between Uruguay and Colombia promises to be more competitive. On another betting platform consulted, the odds of victory are 2.95 for Uruguay and 2.85 for Colombia. This is reflected in the favorite scores, with 1-1 paying 5.80 and 0-0 paying 6.20. Next, a 1-0 win for Colombia pays 6.70, while a 1-0 win for Uruguay would return 7.10 to 1.

Unusual Scores

The most likely results already bring reasonable odds in this market, but an even higher return in this type of bet happens when the user manages to predict an unusual result. Still using the Copa América examples, a 3-0 victory for Uruguay pays 40 to 1, while the odds are 50 for a 3-2 win for Colombia, for instance.

In Other Sports

Although the correct score is more popular in soccer, it is not the only sport with this type of bet. In sports like volleyball or tennis, it is possible to predict what the final score of a match will be in terms of sets, for example, 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2. However, in sports like basketball, which involve high scoring and dozens of possible scores, this type of bet is usually not available.