O tênis está sendo destaque nas plataformas com Wimbledon

Discover the Main Types of Sports Bets in Tennis

Tennis has had significant prominence in the Brazilian sports scene in the past, mainly due to the great success of Gustavo Kuerten, known as “Guga.” Currently, a new generation led by names like Bia Haddad Maia and Thiago Wild is striving to bring the national flag back to the top of the sport.

In recent weeks, tennis has once again taken a prominent place in sports news with the Wimbledon Tournament in England. The oldest and one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, the competition will be decided next Saturday (13th). For those who enjoy betting on the sport, it offers a plethora of options. Check out the main types of tennis bets below.

Match Winner

Let’s start with the most obvious market: the match winner. As in any sport, the goal is to bet on which player will emerge victorious, regardless of the score.

Game Handicap

As in most sports, tennis also offers the option of an Asian handicap. Typically, this market refers to the number of games, not sets. For example, in the semifinal between Russian Daniil Medvedev and Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz, Alcaraz is the favorite with a game handicap of -4.5. This means that at the end of the match, summing up the games of all sets played by both players, the Spaniard would need to have a 5-game advantage for the bet to succeed.


The classic “over/under” market is also present in tennis and typically refers to the number of games on most betting sites. This option considers the total number of games in all sets. Using the semifinal as an example again, the line was set at 39.5 games.

Exact Score

Another popular bet type is on the exact score of the match, in terms of sets. On one platform, a 3-0 win for Alcaraz is shown as the most likely outcome, paying 2.75, followed by a 3-1 and a 3-2 win for the Spaniard, respectively.

Set Score

Besides betting on the match result, you can also bet on the score of a specific set. Options include betting on the winner of the first set, the final score of the set (6-0, 6-1, 6-2, etc.), and the over/under number of games in that specific set.

Breaks of Serve

In tennis, a break of serve occurs when a player wins a game in which their opponent is serving. Some platforms allow you to bet on the number of breaks of serve that will happen. You can bet on the total number of breaks in the match or each player’s individual breaks.

Service Game Bet

A player’s service game is the game in which they are serving, making them the favorite to win that game. On some betting sites, you can bet on whether a player will win their first service game or even the first point of the game, depending on the site. You can also bet on the score of the first game, predicting whether the victory will be to zero, 15, 30, or 40.

Is it Worth Betting on Tennis?

As with any sport, it is important for the user to understand the game and the main athletes to make an informed bet. The more knowledge and research, the better the chances of finding an interesting bet. However, no matter how much of an “expert” the bettor is, the number one rule is always to follow responsible gaming practices and treat betting as entertainment, not a way to make money.