As apostas múltiplas são muito populares entre os usuários

Get to Know Multiple or Combination Bets

One of the main reasons people turn to sports betting is to watch a game with more excitement involved and the chance of a positive return. From this entertainment perspective, one of users’ preferred formats is multiple or combination bets.

What are Multiple or Combination Bets?

Multiple bets involve combining two or more selections into a single bet. This means that instead of betting on a single event, you are betting on multiple events at the same time. For example, you can bet on the victory of three different teams in separate football matches.

To win the bet, you must get all predictions right, losing the full amount if one of them fails. In other words, the risk involved is much higher, which means that the reward is also more generous, as the final odds typically represent the multiplication of the chosen odds. It’s the opportunity to win a considerable return through a modest stake, which explains users’ attraction to this type of bet.

The Necessary Attention

We’ve already explained here on StarsPay how different types of odds work and how they are based on the expected probability of an event occurring. Obviously, it’s easier to win a bet with odds of 1.5 than one with odds of 10. Therefore, when opting for multiples, extra attention to bankroll management is necessary.

A bettor who focuses on multiple bets with high odds will certainly have a low success rate. Therefore, they should be prepared for this by placing smaller bets compared to single bets and always following responsible gaming recommendations.

Beware of Favorites

For those starting out with multiple bets, an obvious attraction is to include several heavily favored teams in the same selection. However, it’s worth remembering that underdogs can occasionally surprise and that a single wrong prediction represents the loss of the entire bet.

Multiples or Singles?

There is no right answer to this. Some bettors believe they have a precise analysis of a specific game and make a single bet based on that reading. Others just want to follow the entire round, hoping their various predictions can turn a small amount into a large reward.

In either case, selections should be made responsibly, viewing sports betting as a form of entertainment. This way, the bettor protects themselves and can enjoy the best part of this market.