A Fórmula 1 coloca pilotos de alto nível para disputar em alta velocidade

High Speed: Get to Know the Main Types of Bets in Formula 1

Formula 1 is the premier category of motorsport worldwide, boasting millions of fans around the globe who are passionate about high speed and the incredible skill of the drivers, where every millisecond makes a difference. Brazil has a tradition of producing great names in the category, which has also created a generation of people who follow the sport closely.

As with any sport that attracts significant public attention, there are also those interested in testing their Formula 1 knowledge and adding more excitement to the races through sports betting. Check out some of the main betting options available for the sport on betting sites below.

Race Winner

One of the existing bets is, of course, on who will win the race, although in recent years, the Dutchman Max Verstappen has dominated the tracks. This market can feature astronomical odds, especially for drivers with a very low probability of finishing in the top position on the podium.

Podium/Top 6

Besides betting on the winner, it is possible to wager that a driver will finish among the top three or the top six, with various options depending on the platform. This way, you can bet on an above-average performance from a driver who is a major “underdog” to win the race.

Fastest Lap

Since 2019, Formula 1 introduced a rule allowing a driver to earn an extra point for setting the fastest lap of the race, providing more incentive for drivers to chase this mark. On many sites, you can also bet on who will win this contest.


Another option for those who want to bet on their favorite driver but know he doesn’t have a great chance of finishing among the top positions is the head-to-head market. This market compares only the final result between various pairs of drivers. Thus, the bettor predicts which of the two selected drivers will finish ahead.

Leader After X Laps

In this market, the goal is to guess who will be the race leader after a predetermined number of laps. There are markets for who will be in first place after the first lap, after 10 laps, 20 laps, and so on. Availability can vary significantly between sites.

Season/Constructors’ Champion

For those who prefer long-term markets, where bets deal with a longer timeframe, it is also possible to bet on who will be the season champion, although the competition has been less competitive in recent years. Another option is betting on which team will win the Constructors’ Championship.

Special Bets

In addition to the more traditional markets, there are various other “special” betting options, depending on the platform used. These lines include whether the race will have a safety car, which driver will be the first to retire from the race, who will be the first to make a pit stop, what the winning margin in seconds will be, among other alternatives.