Ministério da Fazenda anunciou o sistema nesta terça-feira (11) Foto: Divulgação/Agência Brasil

Ministry of Finance Launches Sigap, the “Betting Management System”; Learn More

Photo by Agência Brazil

The sports betting market in Brazil received another important piece of news this Tuesday (11th) with the launch of Sigap. An acronym for Sistema de Gestão de Apostas (Betting Management System), this technological solution aims to regulate, monitor, and oversee the fixed-odds betting market, also known as “bets.”

On the 22nd of last month, the Secretariat of Prizes and Betting of the Ministry of Finance published Ordinance No. 827, which set the rules for the exploitation of this market in the country. Now, through Sigap, betting companies will be able to initiate and follow the process of applying for a license to offer their services to Brazilians.

The system will also be important for citizens, who will be able to check in Sigap the applications of companies, verifying if the operators are indeed licensed by the government. Thus, it will also serve as a form of protection, ensuring that it is easy to check if a site is offering bets illegally.

According to the announcement, the development of Sigap was the result of joint work between the Secretariat of Prizes and Betting (SPA), the Subsecretariat of Management, Information Technology and Budget (SGTO) of the Ministry of Finance, and also the Secretariat of Shared Services (SSC) of the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services (MGI).

All operators wishing to operate in Brazil must comply with the norms defined in the Ordinance by December 31. Each license costs R$ 30 million and authorizes the use of up to three brands for five years. As of January 1, 2025, those who do not have an approved license will be subject to penalties if they continue operating.