O draft é um momento importante na temporada da NBA

NBA Draft and LeBron James’ Son Boost Sports Betting in the USA

The 2023/24 NBA season, the North American basketball league, ended on June 17th, leaving sports fans in anticipation until the start of the next season. However, those who enjoy betting on the league had a less traditional option this week with the NBA Draft taking place.

Among the notable players present was Bronny James, son of LeBron James, one of the sport’s biggest names. For those who do not closely follow the sport and are unaware of how the draft works or the bets involved, it’s worth checking out this article to get informed.

What is the NBA Draft?

The Draft happens annually in the NBA and in other North American sports. During the Draft, main league teams choose new players for their teams from the top talents in U.S. college basketball or other countries’ leagues, through rounds of picks with a predefined order. Besides being an important moment in the career of these potential stars, the draft also plays a crucial role in balancing the level of the teams.

This is because the teams with the worst performance in the previous season have the first picks, which can also be traded between teams for other players. Thus, a weak team can access the top young talents and, theoretically, build a stronger roster for the future. Through trades, they can also acquire already established players from other teams.

Betting on the Draft

Most sports bets placed on the draft refer to which player will be chosen in a certain position. The name of the first “draftee” is usually a popular bet, although, depending on the year, there may be an obvious favorite. In 2024, for example, Zaccharie Risacher emerged as a favorite, with odds ranging from 1.2 to 1.4, and was indeed chosen by the Atlanta Hawks in the first position.

Usually, it is possible to bet on the names chosen in the first positions or, in the case of the most notable players, to guess which team or position they will be selected. This year, much of the attention was focused on Bronny James, who garnered special markets in most betting houses regarding which team would take LeBron’s son. The young player even received one of the highest betting volumes in the entire draft.

Who Chose Bronny James?

Those who follow the NBA know that LeBron James has never hidden his desire to share the court with his son before the end of his career. The Los Angeles Lakers, the current team of the basketball legend, obviously did not want to go against their biggest star. However, Bronny was far from having the same prominence as other college players and was not selected in the first round.

Nevertheless, in the second round, with the 55th overall pick, Bronny was selected and will wear the same uniform as his father in his debut NBA season. It also weighed in that the young player had made it clear his preference for his father’s team, a preference that no other franchise wanted to challenge.