O projeto de lei visa permitir os jogos de azar no território brasileiro

Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Legalization of Casinos, Bingo, and Jogo do Bicho in Brazil

On Wednesday (19th), the Senate’s Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) of Brazil approved Bill (PL) 2.234/2022, which legalizes gambling in Brazil. This includes the operation of casinos, bingo, video bingo, and Jogo do Bicho, as well as allowing bets on horse races.

The approval passed with a vote of 14 to 12, and the text now moves to the Senate Plenary for consideration. The bill had already been approved by the Chamber of Deputies in 2022 and outlines the rules for the exploitation of these activities in Brazil, also establishing aspects such as regulation, control of the games, and related taxation.

If the text is approved as it stands in the Senate Plenary, it will only need the sanction of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva to become law. According to the Senate News Agency, the bill’s rapporteur, Senator Irajá, stated that investments in the sector could reach R$ 100 billion. It is also estimated that around 1.5 million direct and indirect jobs could be created, and R$ 22 billion in tax revenue could be generated, according to the rapporteur.

The prohibition of gambling in Brazil was enacted in a 1946 law, banning the practice nationwide. If it becomes law, PL 2.234/2022 provides various specific rules for different types of games. For example, casinos will only be allowed to operate in tourist hubs, integrated leisure complexes, or on vessels, with a limited number of licenses per state.

Regarding bingo, the game may be conducted in both card and electronic or video bingo formats but only in permanent locations (bingo halls). The bill also states that only one bingo hall will be permitted per municipality, while larger cities will be authorized one establishment for every 150,000 inhabitants.