Futebol, boxe e beisebol são destaques no México

Sports in Mexico: Discover the Most Popular Ones

Mexico is one of the countries where StarsPay operates, enabling integration for payments through SPEI, the “Mexican Pix.” The sports betting market in the country is one of the largest in Latin America and offers many opportunities for operators looking to enter the continent. For those wanting to know more about Mexican culture, we’ve prepared a guide on the most popular sports in the country:


Like in Brazil, soccer comfortably holds the top spot in the ranking. Mexicans are passionate about the sport and have the Liga MX, the top national division, as a major attraction. The main clubs in the country have large fan bases and fierce rivalries. Additionally, Mexico has hosted the World Cup twice, in 1970 and 1986.


Here, the difference between Mexican and Brazilian tastes is evident. Baseball is also part of the country’s sports passion, with the Mexican Baseball League being a highlight. It is considered one of the four main leagues in the world and also fills stadiums across the country. One of the greatest names in Mexican baseball is Fernando Valenzuela, who became a legend with the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team in MLB (Major League Baseball in the United States).


For boxing enthusiasts, Mexico’s importance on the global sports stage is obvious. Currently, one of the biggest stars is Canelo Álvarez, but the country has long been home to some of the world’s greatest boxers. The success of many names also brings young people to the sport, who dream of the opportunity to contribute to the country’s rich boxing heritage.

Lucha Libre

Who hasn’t seen a reference to Mexican “lucha libre,” with masked wrestlers and a true show from the audience? Compared to the United States, the events are more akin to WWE than UFC, for example. This means that, in addition to the wrestling, there is a focus on spectacle, with acrobatics, theater, and the development of characters who have become idols in Mexico.


Globally, Mexico may not be known as one of the leading countries in basketball. However, the sport is quite popular within the country, gaining traction after being introduced in the early 20th century. The main competition in the country is the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional (LNBP). With fans in Mexico, the NBA (the United States’ league) has held several games in the country.

American Football

The trajectory of American football in Mexico is similar to what is seen in Brazil. Over the last decade, the sport has exploded in popularity in the country, even though local practice is limited. Just like the NBA, Mexico has also hosted NFL games, the professional league in the United States and by far the most important in the sport.