O futebol é disparado o esporte preferido

Sports That Attract Sports Betting in Brazil

The sports betting market in Brazil is growing rapidly and is expected to soar as the activity becomes regulated in the country. In addition to legal support for the activity, another factor contributing to the growth is the Brazilian passion for sports and competitions in general. Learn more about the main sports that receive bets from Brazilians, including several with representatives from the country performing well.


The first place is more than obvious and is unlikely to change anytime soon. Football is the great passion of Brazilians and receives by far the largest volume of bets in betting houses. After all, it’s the opportunity to bet on your favorite team (or against their biggest rival) or to guess the outcome of the major leagues around the world.


The game of shooting hoops is also quite popular in Brazil. In addition to the national league, NBB, Brazilians have been able to watch broadcasts of NBA games, the North American league, for decades, increasing interest in the sport. To help, several Brazilian players have been through the main basketball teams in the world in recent decades, generating even more engagement from Brazilians.


MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has also grown in popularity in the country in recent decades, driven by the excellent performance of Brazilians in events like the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). The same combination of live broadcasts with rooting for compatriots attracts many Brazilians to sports betting in the activity.


The sport was more popular in Brazil, such as during the memorable matches of Gustavo Kuerten, “Guga.” Even today, with the success of names like Bruno Soares and the rise of a new generation of Brazilian tennis players, this is also a popular market in sports betting, especially during the Grand Slams, the biggest events in the sport.

American Football

American football, through the NFL, the American league, has exploded in Brazil in recent years, having its first official game in the country’s territory in 2024. Although Brazilian presence in the teams is limited, the greater availability of live broadcasts and content about the sport has created many loyal fans of oval ball teams, also driving sports betting.


One of the sports in which the Brazilian National Team has historically excelled, volleyball has a special place in the hearts of Brazilians. International leagues are not as popular here as in other sports, but the Brazilian Superleague has passionate fans, also attracting bets.


In 2024, it is impossible not to mention eSports as one of the targets of Brazilian sports betting. There are several national organizations with teams in popular games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike, among many other electronic games. Exciting competitions, free live broadcasts, and good representation from Brazil bring the perfect formula for the expansion of the betting market.