O Pix revolucionou as transferências e pagamentos no Brasil

The Growth of Pix in Brazil and in Sports Betting

Since its launch in October 2020, Pix has become very popular among the Brazilian people and has steadily grown in transaction volume, establishing itself as a revolution in the field. The method offered by the Central Bank of Brazil has uninterrupted and instant operation as its main attractions.

The New Record

On April 5th, Pix set a new record for transaction volume in a single day, reaching 201.6 million operations. The number was well above the previous record of 178.7 million transactions, recorded on March 6th. Since 2022, Pix has emerged as the primary form of payment in the market, surpassing credit cards.

The number of Pix keys registered also continues to grow, surpassing 741 million in April, according to Central Bank figures. The official number of registered Pix users has reached over 163 million, including more than 14 million legal entities,

The Evolution of Pix

Launched over three years ago, Pix has evolved over time and has gained new functionalities implemented by the Central Bank, focusing mainly on security and convenience. Pix by QR Code, Pix Withdrawal, Pix Copy and Paste, and Pix Change are some of the examples already in operation, while innovations such as Automatic Pix and International Pix also appear in the Central Bank’s planning.

Pix in Sports Betting

Easy, secure, and dynamic, it’s not surprising that Pix has become popular among Brazilians who place sports bets. The method is offered by the vast majority of operators and, according to studies, is the favorite option for users to make deposits and withdrawals.

In this market, StarsPay stands out as one of the leading Pix operators for sports betting in Brazil, bringing convenience to companies in the industry. The expansion to other instant payment methods for betting, also in Colombia, Chile, Peru, and Mexico, increasingly highlights StarsPay in Latin America.