Ter limites bem definidos é fundamental nas apostas

The Importance of Responsible Gambling

With the expected significant growth in the iGaming and sports betting industry in Brazil, a topic that is also expected to gain more and more attention is responsible gambling. This issue stands out as an essential approach to protecting players and society in general, as well as providing an opportunity for operators to set an example in the pursuit of a safe gaming environment.

Definition of Responsible Gambling

The Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gambling (IBJR) defines the topic as “practices, healthy and ethical behaviors related to gambling and betting. It involves a balanced and conscious approach to gambling, with the aim of minimizing the risks associated with excessive and compulsive gambling in betting houses.”

The idea is to emphasize that gambling can serve as entertainment, but at the same time, it is necessary to recognize the risks involved. With the possibility of losing money, it is important for the gambler to be aware of these risks and prepared to deal with them both emotionally and financially. Another important aspect is ensuring that minors do not have access to gambling.

The Operators’ Role

It is easy to understand why responsible gambling practices are important for society and the users, mitigating potential negative consequences such as addiction and adverse financial situations. At the same time, operators have a great interest in promoting and enforcing responsible gambling in their offerings.

The implementation of responsible attitudes is not only an ethical obligation but also a smart business strategy. By ensuring that players have a safe and controlled experience, operators can cultivate a loyal and sustainable customer base in the long term. Additionally, demonstrating a serious commitment to responsible gambling can strengthen the company’s reputation and mitigate potential regulatory risks.

Key Responsible Gambling Measures

In various parts of the world where gambling and sports betting have been regulated for longer and constitute a more mature market, several responsible gambling measures have been defined. They serve as examples of expected attitudes from operators and regulators in Brazil, aiming to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Among the main measures are:

  • Self-exclusion: allows players to temporarily or permanently exclude themselves from a site
  • Deposit limits: allow the setting of a maximum deposit limit within a certain period of time.
  • Game time limit: similar to the previous one, but defining a maximum session time, allowing regular breaks between games
  • Game restrictions: allow users to block their own access to specific types of games
  • Awareness and counseling resources: help educate bettors about the risks involved, the signs to watch out for, and how to seek help if necessary.