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The Rule About Calls That Can Prevent Many Scams; Understand

In a world where more and more transactions are conducted electronically, the most common types of scams have also adopted new tactics. After learning how to avoid one of the most common frauds involving Pix, another point worth paying close attention to in order not to fall victim to scammers is the calls you receive.

One of the most frequently used strategies is social engineering, which involves pretending to be other people or trustworthy companies, inducing the user to provide confidential information. For instance, at some point, you may have received a call where a voice, automated or not, asked for confirmation about a purchase made on your card.

The first reaction of anyone is to get scared and want more information. Often, scammers even have legitimate data about the victims, making the call seem even more real. From there, they can exploit the vulnerability to obtain other information such as a password and card number, allowing the scam to be carried out.

The Golden Rule

Even though this type of fraud is becoming more sophisticated every day, it is worth following a fundamental rule: no bank or financial institution calls its clients asking for data or passwords. Be suspicious of any call, even if it comes from a number that seems reliable. If you answer and during the conversation the supposed representative asks for any confidential data, hang up immediately.

If you want to contact your bank or another institution, make the call yourself to a verified number or through the official app, for instance. Never give your password to anyone. A legitimate representative will never ask for your password through any method of communication.

This includes StarsPay, which does not contact its clients by phone to ask for information. If you wish to speak with support or receive assistance, send an email to [email protected], and you will receive a response within up to 24 business hours. When in doubt, always be suspicious and contact the institution you want through official means to confirm.

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