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What is the Early Payout, a Popular Option in the Sports Betting Market

In the competition between betting sites, the users are the winners. After all, in an attempt to attract as many consumers as possible, operators offer promotions to stand out from their competitors. A good example of this is the “early payout” promotions, which are being offered by more and more sites.

How Does Early Payout Work?

Anyone who has ever placed a sports bet knows the frustration of losing a bet that was very close to winning. To avoid this disappointment, many sites have adopted the practice of “early payout,” which guarantees a positive return on the bet even in the case of a turnaround in the sporting event.

The conditions vary from site to site, but in soccer, a common example is the two-goal advantage. Here’s how it works: if you bet that a certain team will win the game and that team gains a two-goal lead over the opponent at any point during the match, the bet is already considered won. Thus, even if the other team manages to equalize or turn the game around, the bettor still wins.

Early payout is also available in other sports, depending on the site, always involving a goal or point advantage above a pre-defined amount. For the bettor, it’s an opportunity to secure a win even before the match ends and avoid the disappointment of losing through an unlikely comeback.

Pay Attention to the Rules

As with any promotion, it’s necessary to pay close attention to the terms and conditions, as they vary significantly from site to site. It’s worth noting that early payout is usually only available for specific sports, leagues, and games. At some operators, the feature is only valid for pre-match bets, while others offer the option for live bets as well.

It is common for some games not to be part of the list of eligible matches. In some cases, the early payout amount is credited to the user’s account as soon as the bet is deemed won, while other sites may take up to 24 hours to process the credit. Generally, bets that already have a related promotion do not also have early payout available.

Therefore, with so many variables, take all necessary precautions before placing your early payout bet to avoid surprises.