As odds turbinadas trazem maior valor para um palpite

Boosted Odds: Understand How This Type of Promotion Works

In the world of sports betting, platforms use various types of promotions to attract users, as they have more and more sites to choose from. In addition to previously explained offers, such as early payout and substitution guarantees, another initiative present in many brands is boosted odds. Before anything else, if you don’t know the main types of odds in sports betting, click here.

How Does It Work?

The name of this type of promotion varies between different sites, with terms like “boosted”, “enhanced”, “super odds”, among others. However, the logic is the same: the platform offers odds above the normal ones on selected lines and bets. For example, a bet whose normal odd is 2.1 but, during the promotion, pays 2.5. This can happen both in a single bet and in multiples.

The offer can occur in honor of a special date, like a team’s anniversary, for example, or as a way to draw attention to a competition that is starting. It’s important to note that in some cases the promotion includes a maximum bet amount, so it is necessary to carefully check the terms and conditions of each site.

Boosted Odds in Multiples

A common example of boosted odds occurs in multiple bets. Normally, the final odd of an accumulator is obtained through the multiplication of the different odds contained in the bet. As a way to attract users, several sites offer an increase in the final odd on selected bets.

Again, it’s necessary to pay attention to the requirements that allow the use of the promotion. A good option if you have doubts is to access the customer service of your favorite site to check all the details of the promotion. This avoids user frustration from not receiving the expected reward.

Is It Worth It?

Even if a bet has its odd boosted, it does not necessarily mean that it is a good bet. In any type of prediction, the risk/reward relationships present in the sports betting world in general still apply. In other words, boosted odds should be approached as a traditional bet, with the same level of care, research, and adherence to the main rules of responsible gambling.