O Pix por aproximação deve ser lançado em fevereiro de 2025

Central Bank Announces Updates on Contactless Pix; Learn More

In a press release this Thursday (4th), the Central Bank (BC) announced new rules for Open Finance, which will enable contactless Pix payments. This is one of the updates developed by the agency for Pix, which has become one of the preferred payment methods among Brazilians and continues to set transaction records in 2024.

The rules were defined in conjunction with the National Monetary Council (CMN) and, according to the note, “will reduce steps in online payments and enable the offering of Pix in digital wallets.” In other words, it will not be necessary to open the bank application to complete a payment, as it will be possible to use Pix in the mobile wallet in the same way as a contactless card.

The schedule released by the agency set July 31, 2024, as the date for defining specific regulations for the No-Redirect Payment Journey (JSR). Production tests are expected to begin on November 14, and by February 28, 2025, contactless Pix should be launched for the public, according to BC’s expectations.

Open Finance goes far beyond just contactless Pix. The new rules will allow more financial institutions to participate in the ecosystem, benefiting a larger percentage of users. With the definition of the definitive governance structure of Open Finance, the BC explains that the development of the structure will be faster.

“Open Finance already allows Brazilian consumers to access multiple benefits derived from solutions created by participating institutions (…),” the note says. “With Open Finance, financial institutions will create Super Apps, consolidating all these solutions and information into a single application, further facilitating the customer experience and offering new financial products and services.”

Additionally, this is not the only functionality arriving for Pix in the coming months. Even before contactless Pix, automatic Pix is set to debut on October 28, 2024. The new payment method will be similar to the currently authorized automatic debit in bank accounts and will now be possible through Pix.

Image from freepik