O Pix segue definindo novos recordes de transações

Pix Sets New Record for Transactions in a Single Day; See the Numbers

Pix continues to gain popularity among Brazilians, who highly appreciate the efficiency, ease, and speed of the instant payment method launched in October 2020 (learn how the instant payment system works). On June 7 of this year, a Friday, Pix set a new record for the number of transactions, according to the Central Bank (BC).

On that day alone, 206.8 million transactions were made via Pix, surpassing the previous record of 201.6 million set on April 5. On the day of the latest record, the amount of money transferred was R$ 90.9 billion, solely through Pix, with an average value of R$ 439.41 per transaction.

On the following monday, the amount of money transferred was even higher, exceding R$ 105 billion. Additionally, it is worth noting that the system had already set records in the two preceding days. Between June 5 and 6, more than 400 million Pix transactions were recorded, the highest number ever registered for a 48-hour period.

In a statement, the Central Bank said that “the numbers are yet another demonstration of the importance of PIX as a public digital infrastructure, promoting financial inclusion, innovation, and competition in the provision of payment services in Brazil.”

Pix and StarsPay

Pix has also established itself as one of the favorite methods in the world of sports betting, for both users and platforms. In this sector, StarsPay stands out as one of the main operators of Pix for sports betting in Brazil. Through the integration of StarsPay, sites can serve Brazilian customers via Pix and also operate in Mexico via SPEI, the “Mexican Pix.”

Pix Security

Pix is a secure method for making transfers, but certain precautions are necessary to avoid various types of fraud and scams that have emerged in recent years. StarsPay has released a guide to help you avoid the most common fraud involving Pix, as well as a link with important information against online scams.