O vôlei é um dos esportes mais populares do Brasil

Sports Betting on Volleyball: Get to Know the Most Common Markets

Brazil is undeniably the country of soccer. However, another sport where the canary-yellow jersey has shone brightly over the past few decades, astonishing opposing teams worldwide, is volleyball. With various prominent leagues around the globe and international competitions, volleyball has also become one of the main options in the world of sports betting. Therefore, let’s explore the most popular types of bets in this sport.

Match Winner

This is the most common and straightforward market. It simply involves predicting who will be the winner at the end of the match. Since there is no draw in volleyball, it is a market with only two options.

Over/Under on Total Sets

Similar to soccer, where you can bet on the number of goals in a match, in volleyball, this type of bet is placed on the number of sets. A common line is over/under 3.5 sets, especially when one of the teams is a heavy favorite in a best-of-five match. In this case, a 3-0 scoreline would mean an under win, while any other result would favor the over.

Set Winner and Handicap

In set betting, two other popular markets are on the winner of a specific set and the set handicap. In the case of the handicap, the Asian model is used (learn how it works). Thus, if a team has a handicap of -1.5, for example, it needs to win by a margin of 2 sets for the bet to be successful.

Over/Under on Total Points

Just like the total sets, it is possible to bet on the total points in a match, two bets that are closely related. In this case, the points scored by both teams in all sets played are added up. If the total value is greater than the line set by the site, the over wins; if it is less, the under wins.

Race to X Points

This format is similar to bets placed in the corner kicks market in soccer. Here, the idea is to predict which team will be the first to reach a specific number of points in the set, usually 5, 10, 15, or 20. Once the number of points is reached, the final outcome of the set becomes irrelevant.

Exact Score

This market is for those who prefer higher odds and more challenging bets. It involves predicting the exact final result of the game in sets. For example, 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2, also specifying which team will be victorious.

Matter of Preference

As with all sports, choosing which market to bet on in volleyball is entirely a matter of personal preference. Some may prefer to cheer for a specific team, while others might prefer not to take sides, rooting only for a highly contested game with many points and sets. Whatever your preference, always remember to practice responsible gambling and understand what you are betting on before confirming your prediction.