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Betting on Corners: Understanding How This Market Works

Sports betting has evolved significantly over the past decades, offering users a wide array of options. Today, you can bet on various markets, including entertainment awards, individual performances, future bets and even a special type of combination bet known as the “Same Game Parlay.” Another format that has gained many fans is corner betting.

How Do Corner Bets Work?

This betting market is found in soccer games and, as the name suggests, refers to the corners (or “corner kicks”) that occur during a game. Some consider this type of statistic to be more predictable than the number of goals or the final result, depending more on the playing style of the teams involved. There are several options, including:


Similar to the goals market, you can bet on whether a game will have more or fewer corners than a predefined line set by the betting sites. The bet can be placed on the game as a whole or on a specific team. This market can also be divided between the first and second halves of the game.


This functions similarly to the goals market. The idea is to bet that one team will have more corners than the other, considering an Asian handicap (understand how it works).

First/Last Corner

In this type of bet, the idea is to predict which team will take the first corner of the game or the last, regardless of the total number of corners or the difference between each team’s numbers.

Race to X Corners

This market involves predicting which team will be the first to reach a predetermined number of corners, usually with options of 3, 5, 7 corners, and so on. The bet is decided once the number is reached.

How to Bet on Corners?

Not all sites offer the corner betting market. For those that do, it can be found alongside other markets for the game, typically available both pre-game and live.

As with bets on the game’s result, it is advisable to conduct research to make a good prediction. Team statistics, their standing in the league, and their playing style are some of the aspects that can make a difference when choosing your bet.