Apostar em jogadores ganhou popularidade nos últimmos anos

Sports Betting on Players Is a Success; Get to Know the Market

The sports betting market continues to evolve the user experience every day. Today, it’s possible to bet on less traditional sports, such as electronic sports, make guesses about entertainment, politics, and the like, and rely on various different options in football betting. Among the markets that have grown in popularity in recent years are player bets, also known as “player props”.

How do player props work?

The name itself makes it obvious how player props work. Instead of guessing about a team’s performance, you can win or lose the bet based on the actions of a single player. Perhaps you’re a big fan of a specific athlete or believe they’ll have an advantage against a certain opponent.

Player bets bring a different dimension to the user, who starts to closely follow each action of the athlete. In football, the most common option is to bet on scoring a goal, in variations like “First Scorer” and “Anytime Scorer” (explained here), but it’s also possible to bet on a player’s assists or cards, for example.

Success in the United States

In popular sports in the United States, this type of bet is also extremely used. One reason is the high number of statistics tracked in these sports. In basketball, for example, bets on points, rebounds, assists and blocks are common, and it’s even possible to combine more than one bet in a parlay if you feel the player will truly have an epic (or disastrous) night.

In American football, there are also several options available. The most well-known include the number of yards rushed, passed, or received by a player, interceptions, number of touchdowns, sacks, etc. Guesses about awards such as MVP (Most Valuable Player), Rookie of the Year, Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year, among others, appear on most betting sites.

The theme repeats itself in baseball, ice hockey, and other team sports where individual performance is closely followed by the public and the press. In various betting houses, there’s even protection for the bettor if the selected player is injured or doesn’t begin the game as a starter, returning the bet amount.

Responsability is key

As with any sports bet, it’s essential to be mindful of responsible gaming practices, not risking amounts that will be missed in the budget. The number of players is obviously much greater than that of teams, so care should be taken not to fall into the temptation of betting on all your favorite athletes. With responsibility, the thrill of rooting for the desired performance remains.