Não faltam opções para quem gosta de apostar em futebol

Learn About the Main Types of Sports Betting in Football

Those unfamiliar with the world of sports betting may think that the activity is about predicting which team will win a particular match. If they visit a betting website, they might be surprised by the variety of different betting options available, including live or prematch alternatives. Also, there’s always the option to combine several wagers in a multiple bet.

In terms of events, there is a multitude of varieties, including less traditional sports such as eSports, extending to entertainment events, artistic competitions, and politics. However, even in the most popular sports, such as in the obvious case of a football match in Brazil, predictions go far beyond simply guessing the winning team, as is the case with Asian handicap, explained in this article. In addition to it, check out some of the other most popular markets for the Brazilian’s favorite.


It is one of the simplest and most famous bets in football. Basically, the challenge is to predict whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be above (over) or below (under) a certain number set by the bookmaker. For example, if the over/under is 2.5 goals and you bet on over, you win if there are three or more goals in the match.

Bets on 1st or 2nd Half

Many betting options in a football match have a variation based on the two halves of the game. Instead of betting that the team will win the match, you can bet that it will end the first half winning. The same goes for over/under bets, Asian handicap, among others. Don’t trust the team to win, but know that it usually starts the match imposing its rhythm? This can be an option. Another attraction is having the outcome defined in a shorter period of time.

Correct Score

This option is for those who seek to hit the nail on the head, but it is less popular than other markets. In Correct Score, the user wins if they correctly predict what the final score of the game will be, including not only the winning team but also the number of goals for each team. For example, 2-1 for the home team or 3-0 for the away team. The difficulty is, of course, greater, but this also means more generous odds.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

This option is also quite simple and popular. Bringing only two options, it is a bet based on whether both teams will score at least one goal during the match. As one can imagine, it is especially used when both teams have more offensive postures or weak defenses. It also guarantees excitement until the end, since even if a rout is happening, the other team can always score until the last minute. Additionally, in the case of an intense start to the game, the result of the wager can be quicker than a bet that necessarily involves the full 90 minutes.

Corners and Cards

Did you know that some bets don’t even involve the most important moment of football, the goal? Two markets that have gained popularity in recent years are corners and yellow and red cards. The logic is the same as other varieties, involving varieties by time, over/under, and even specific players. It is possible, for example, to bet on both the corners of the match as a whole and those of a specific team.

Anytime Goalscorer and First Goalscorer

Not sure about the team’s performance, but trust in a specific player’s moment? For this situation, many betting sites offer the options Anytime Goalscorer and First Goalscorer. In both cases, the bet depends on the chosen player scoring a goal. The difference is that if the option is for the “First Goalscorer”, that goal needs to be the first of the game for the bet to be successful. Therefore, the odds are also higher compared to Anytime Goalscorer.

Didn’t Find the Bet?

Despite all these (and other) types of bets being available on major betting sites, it is important to note that not all matches have the same options. In major games, from the world’s top leagues, the variety tends to be greater, while smaller leagues and less important matches have more limited bets. It’s worth checking out different sites to find the lines you like best and make your best bet, always having in mind responsible gaming principles.