O apito inicial do juiz separa as apostas ao vivo e pré-jogo

Live Sports Betting or Pre-Match? Understand the Difference

Sports betting in Brazil continues to experience significant growth, and this trend is expected to persist with the advancement of regulatory measures, leading more Brazilians to engage with this market. Therefore, it’s important to discuss the various possible options on betting sites. Among the several types available, betting can be divided into two main forms: live or pre-match.

What Are Live Bets?

Also known in the international market as “in-play” bets, live bets are those that occur when the sporting event in question has already started. They pose a challenge for operators, who need to make precise odds adjustments during the competition, while also providing opportunities for bettors. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the highest volume of bets is placed in this format, according to data from betting sites.

The obvious appeal for those who enjoy watching events is being able to make their own analysis of the moment. For example, if a favorite team in a soccer match concedes a goal early in the game, the odds for a comeback will, of course, be much higher than for a win before the start of the match. Imagine then, if you are watching the game and also notice that the team is creating good chances and putting pressure on the opponent. Or perhaps a key player from a team has been injured.

Of course, betting sites also take all these factors into consideration and conduct similar analyses, but the bettor can make a decision with more information than before the start of the match. The same can be said for matches in various other sports, MMA fights, eSports, among others, generating user engagement with the sites for longer periods.

What Are Pre-Match Bets?

Pre-match bets are the most traditional, placed only before the sporting event begins. In addition to the analysis by betting houses, the odds in this case have already been adjusted by the movements of other bettors themselves, which prevents an abnormal odd from remaining that way for long. On the other hand, they also allow bettors to carefully research the statistics and information they desire to make their predictions.

This is the preferred method for those who just want to relax, watch a match, and cheer for the success of their bet, without needing to be glued to their phone or computer to find a live bet. Additionally, confirming your bet before the start of the games also facilitates the construction of multiple or combination bets, since during sporting events one must deal with the constant change in odds and match situations.

It’s worth noting that, depending on the sport, pre-match betting options may have more variety than live betting. Opting to bet before the start can also help with the user’s bankroll management, as the amount wagered is defined outside the context of the match’s emotion. For those who only use live bets, it’s easier to try to compensate for losses by getting caught up in the momentum of the game. As always in sports betting, responsibility should come first.

Which One to Choose?

The choice between live or pre-match bets depends entirely on personal preference. Some prefer to conduct in-depth research, check all the details of the round’s games to find what they consider to be a good “bet”. At the same time, there are those who prefer to “feel” the game beforehand, reacting in real-time to events. As long as the user follows responsible gaming practices, there’s no wrong decision in this choice.