O mercado de apostas nos EUA abraçou a Single Game Parlay

Same Game Parlay: Get to Know the Betting Type That’s Taken the US by Storm

Since 2018, when a U.S. Supreme Court decision allowed states to legislate sports betting within their territories, the market has grown rapidly across the United States. In the competition to attract the most users, betting sites had to innovate, and one of the main results was the creation of the “Same Game Parlay” (SGP), a format that quickly became a craze in the country.

What is Same Game Parlay and How Does It Work?

A Same Game Parlay means an accumulator within the same game. If you don’t know what an accumulator is, which can also be called a multiple or combined bet, check out this article. In a traditional accumulator, the bettor predicts outcomes in various different sporting events.

As the name suggests, the SGP is simply a combined bet that involves various wagers on the same match. For example, in an NFL (National Football League) game, you can bet that a certain team will win, the total points will be above the set line, a particular player will score a touchdown, and another player will be below the set yardage line, all in a single bet.

It is possible to combine several predictions in just one accumulator, but, as with any multiple bet, getting any of the selections wrong results in the complete loss of the bet, significantly increasing the risk. On the other hand, the more conditions you accumulate, the higher the resulting odds, meaning the potential reward is greater if you win.

Understandable Success

It’s easy to understand the appeal of an SGP. As with any combined bet, it offers the possibility of multiplying the value of the bet many times over (also increasing the risk, of course). On the other hand, unlike other combined bets, the bettor can root for a win by watching just one game, probably the one they are most interested in or the game of their favorite team.

They don’t involve waiting for the conclusion of multiple games and mix the notion of traditional bets with those placed on individual player performance. According to a study, the amount wagered on SGPs in the United States went from 19.2% of the total bet value in 2019 to 24.3% in 2023. At a major operator, the number of SGPs placed increased by 75% from 2022 to 2023.

Is Same Game Parlay Worth It?

As with any sports betting, the most important thing is always to consider responsible gambling practices, not viewing it as an alternative for extra income, but rather for entertainment. For SGPs, the same caution taken with any accumulator applies, understanding that the higher the odds, the lower the chance of winning the bet. Taking all this into consideration, it ultimately becomes a matter of the bettor’s preference, who can research the sites with the best options for their favorite sports.