Como o gol será feito é uma aposta possível no futebol

Goal Method is a Curious Option in Football Sports Betting; Learn More

Football is the most popular sport on the planet, so it’s no surprise that it has also become one of the main sports for betting. Especially in the Brazilian market, with over 200 million inhabitants, websites offer many different “bets” options for users on soccer.

In StarsPay articles, you’ve likely already encountered various betting alternatives, such as individual performance bets, “Draw no bet”, corner bets and “time slices” bets, for example. Now, it’s time to learn more about the “goal method” market.

How Does it Work?

Most people know that you can bet on which team will win a match, how many goals will be scored (overall or by each team), and even who will score the goal. But did you know there’s also a betting option on what method will be used to score a goal in a game?

This market is less common, not available on all sites, and usually offered only for high-profile matches and leagues. To practically show the options and odds available for this type of bet, let’s take the upcoming match between Brazil and Uruguay in the Copa América this Saturday (6) as an example.

On a popular sports betting platform, the options for this market in the Canarinho match, with their respective odds, are:

  • Shot – 1.53
  • Header – 6
  • Penalty – 7.40
  • Own goal – 32
  • Free kick – 16
  • No goal (if the match ends 0-0) – 6.70

Of course, these odds vary from game to game. After all, if the teams have excellent free-kick takers or a defender who frequently scores headers, the market adjusts to the game’s probabilities. Nevertheless, this example shows that this type of market can offer high odds, as the difficulty of predicting the less common options is considerable.

Method by Player

Another alternative for goal method betting, which is also not found on many platforms, is the player goal method. The difficulty is even greater because, besides the scorer’s name, you must also predict how he will score the goal. At the same time, of course, the odds are high. Taking the same Brazil vs. Uruguay match as an example, another platform offers this market for some players and methods.

For instance, the odds for the Uruguayan Darwin Nunez to score a header are 8.50 and 17 for a goal from outside the area. For his strike partner, Luiz Suarez, a goal from outside the area pays 19 to 1, while a header, less likely given his playing style, pays 23. In the Brazilian team, if young star Endrick scores from outside the area, the odds are 15, while the same goal for defender Eder Militão pays 151 to 1. With a height of 1.86m, the odds for Militão to score a header are much lower, at 17.


The goal method market may appeal to those who enjoy betting on individual performance markets or those who have done thorough research and know a lot about a team. It’s important to analyze the playing style and statistics of the teams involved to arrive at a sensible prediction. Another crucial point is to carefully read the terms and conditions of this type of bet on the platform you choose, aiming to understand in detail the requirements that need to be met for the bet to be successful. And of course, the most important factor of all is to follow good responsible gaming practices to maintain a healthy relationship with sports betting.