Yankee e Super Yankee envolvem várias combinações dos mesmos palpites

Yankee and Super Yankee: Understand How These Types of Sports Bets Work

For those who follow the world of sports betting, it’s no surprise that multiple or accumulator bets are popular, and in recent years, “Same Game Parlays” have also gained traction. If you enjoy this type of betting option, you might have come across the terms “Yankee” and “Super Yankee” on some sites, but do you know what they mean?

What Are Yankee Bets?

In a standard accumulator or multiple bet, all selected picks need to be successful to win the bet. In the case of a Yankee bet, the mechanism is different. This term refers to a multiple bet involving four selections, meaning four picks, where the user bets on all possible combinations among these four choices.

In practice, this results in 11 different bets, divided into:

  • 1 fourfold accumulator, combining all choices
  • 4 trebles, containing possible combinations among the four choices, without repetitions.
  • 6 doubles, also containing possible combinations among the choices, without repetitions.

In other words, the bettor is “covering” all possible accumulators among these four selections. If all four are successful, all 11 bets return positively, of course. If only three win, unlike a traditional accumulator where the bet would be entirely lost, the user would win one of the trebles and half of the doubles. Whether this results in profit or loss depends on the selected odds and the winning bets. If only two picks are correct, the bettor would only get a return from one double, losing the rest.

What Are Super Yankee Bets?

Super Yankee bets, also known as “Canadian,” follow the same logic as Yankee bets, with the difference that they involve five selections. The idea, just like in a Yankee, is for the bettor to seek some return even if not all choices are correct. Again, this entirely depends on the selected odds and which selections are winners.

In the case of a Super Yankee, the total number of bets placed is 26, comprising:

  • 1 fivefold accumulator
  • 5 fourfold accumulators
  • 10 trebles
  • 10 doubles

Necessary Caution

As with everything involving sports betting, the greater the potential reward, the higher the risk. In the case of Yankee and Super Yankee formats, it’s crucial to understand that, in practice, the user is making 11 and 26 different bets, respectively. Putting it into numbers to illustrate, in a standard fourfold bet (with four selections) of R$ 5, the bettor is only risking those R$ 5.

However, if choosing four picks, opting for the Yankee format, and placing R$ 5 in the stake field, you are actually risking R$ 55, with R$ 5 on each of the 11 bets. The same logic applies to the Super Yankee, which in the same example would require an amount of R$ 130 in bets (26 times R$ 5). Therefore, the traditional caution of respecting your bankroll size and the amount you have available to bet needs to be multiplied to account for this difference.