Cash out é a opção de encerrar uma aposta antes do fim do evento

Cash Out in Sports Betting: How the Popular Feature Works

Driven by the growth of activity worldwide and increasing competition, the sports betting market sought to innovate. From this initiative came new features like “Same Game Parlay”, early payout, and the cash out function, which has gained popularity among operators in Brazil and worldwide. But do you know how cash out works? Find out below.

What is Cash Out in Sports Betting and How Does It Work?

Cash out is the option for users to close their bet before it ends, either with a profit or a loss. In other words, instead of waiting for the end of the sports event, the bettor can accept an offer made by the site to secure part of the winnings or avoid losing the entire bet.

It’s easier to understand with an example. You bet R$ 10 on a football team to win at odds of 2.0. Thus, if the team actually wins, you would receive a return of R$ 20, with R$ 10 as profit (learn how different types of odds work). If the team is winning 1-0 at halftime, you might have the option to cash out and receive, for example, R$ 14.

The amount would be higher if the team were winning 3-0 or if the game were in its final minutes. On the other hand, if only 15 minutes of the game had passed, the cash out value would be lower. It’s important to understand that by cashing out in this situation, the bettor is giving up the chance to win the full return of the bet in exchange for securing an immediate profit, even if the team later ties or loses.

In the same situation, if you had placed a bet on the team that was losing 1-0, you might receive an offer to cash out your R$ 10 bet for, for example, R$ 5. This means you would trade your chance of still winning the bet in case of a comeback for the opportunity to reduce your maximum loss on the wager.

Cash Out in Accumulator Bets

Many users are attracted to cash out in the context of accumulator or parlay bets. For example, if the bettor made five different predictions in one bet and has already won four of them, the cash out would likely offer a significant return relative to the total odds. Especially in the case of high odds, many prefer not to risk losing the entire bet on the last game and opt for cashing out.

Is It Worth It?

As you can see, several factors are involved in deciding whether to cash out or not. It depends on risk management, reading the moment in the sports event, the value of the offer made by the betting site, among other points that need to be taken into account. Therefore, only the bettor themselves can evaluate whether to use the function or not.

The key is always to follow good practices for responsible gambling, maintaining good bankroll management, and not betting amounts that could strain your budget. When deciding about cashing out, it is also important to pay attention to all the numbers and conditions to have a clear understanding of the risk-reward ratio involved.