Caitlin Clark trouxe muita atenção para o basquete feminino

Understanding the Explosion of Sports Betting on Women’s Basketball

There are various sports and championships around the world that attract the attention of bettors, but women’s basketball hadn’t been among the most popular. At least not until 2024. The change in this situation, with a significant increase in the number of bets on the sport, has a name: Caitlin Clark.

The Caitlin Clark Effect

The player is considered one of the main talents to emerge in women’s basketball in recent decades, gaining significant attention for her performance with the University of Iowa. Clark didn’t manage to lead her team to the title, but she filled stadiums and achieved record television audiences.

Thus, even before her participation in the draft, the moment when WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) teams choose the best players from college sports, Clark signed a contract with Nike. According to the press, the deal was worth a total of $28 million and even included a signature shoe, an honor reserved for the company’s top sponsored athletes.

The Effect on Sports Betting

Packed stadiums, millions of people watching on television, and exposure in major sports media. Clearly, in this context, Clark also generated a significant change in women’s basketball sports betting. In the 2024 March Madness, where she led Iowa to the semifinals, there was a 540% increase in bets on the games she played.

In the draft, the star player was chosen in the top spot by the Indiana Fever, bringing her talent and the spotlight to the team. Public and bettors’ attention followed her as well. According to an operator, Clark’s team’s game received three times more bets than any other game in the same round. In bets on individual player performances, she also stood out with the highest volume recorded on the day, including men’s league games.

The larger betting volume comes with a lot of confidence that the player will maintain her dominant performance in the professional league. In bets on the number of three-pointers made, Clark’s specialty, 80% of the bets were on the “over” (understand how it works), while in bets on the number of assists, 74% of the bets trusted she would exceed the line set by the betting site.

Good for the Sport

The effects of Clark’s success are far from being felt only by her team and betting sites. The teams she faces are also experiencing record ticket demand for games, with many selling out even at higher average prices.

The hope among women’s basketball enthusiasts is that the moment doesn’t stop here. The “Caitlin Clark Effect” can inspire new players to take up the sport, as well as give companies more incentive to invest in the area. Thus, perhaps in the future, there can be several athletes with great prominence, as already happens in other sports.